The River

The Chambal River is a perennial river known for its pristine unpolluted water and is home to a rich diversity of flora and fauna. This was the reason that the river Chambal was chosen as one of the main habitats for the reintroduction in to the wild of Gharials bred in captivity at Kukrail in Lucknow and Deori in Morena.

Chambal River In Hindu Mythology

The ancient name of the Chambal was Charmanvati. In due course of time, this river became famous as the river of ‘charman’ (skin) and was named as Charmanvati.

The epic Sanskrit narrative the Mahabharata, refers to the Chambal river as the Charmanyavati : originating from the blood of thousands of animals sacrificed by the Aryan King Rantideva.

Charmanwati was the southern boundary of Panchala Kingdom. King Drupada ruled the southern Panchalas up to the bank of the Charmanwati river.

In the Mahabharata, the Chambal area was a part of Shakuni’s kingdom. The infamous dice game whereby Shakuni won the kingdom of the Pandavas' for his nephew Duryodhana was played hereabouts.

The Chambal is survived unpolluted by man, and its many animal inhabitants to thrive relatively untouched. The Chambal remains one of India’s most pristine rivers.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary has sanctuary status declared under Section 18(1) of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. Since such a declaration is carried out by individual states for territory falling within their jurisdiction, there are three separate notifications covering the National Chambal Sanctuary - the Madhya Pradesh portion was gazetted in the Government of Madhya Pradesh Notice No. F.15/5/77-10(2) dated 20 December 1978, the Uttar Pradesh portion was gazetted in the Government of Uttar Pradesh Notice No. 7835/XIV-3-103-78 dated 29 January 1979 and the Rajasthan portion was gazetted in the Government of Rajasthan Notice No.F.11(12)Rev.8/78 dated 7 December 1979.



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