The Chambal Wildlife Safari Lodge was started as an idea to conserve the fauna and flora of the Chambal area with the help of tourism. A luxurious lodge based on the village theme with well equipped eight ultra modern air conditioned cottages in village Jarar. The lodge is based on the village theme surrounded by lush green farm land where you can spend a day or more in the lap of nature and you have the privilege to enjoy a boat cruise on the river Chambal which is a protected wild life sanctuary harboring some exotic and endangered species like alligators, roundels, river dolphin and many varieties of birds. River Chambal is one of the least polluted rivers in north India. Green blue water of river Chambal will certainly entice you. The alligators and crocodiles line up on the sand of river Chambal to enjoy the sun specially in the winter months and offer a rare sight to the spectators.

The lodge is an oasis of luxury with well appointed rooms having all modern amenities, bathrooms fitted with modern bath faucet, spacious rooms with LCD TVs, A restaurant served by an experienced chef who will serve you delicious Indian and continental cuisine. On your stay you will be pampered by the most delicious gourmet.








Room Facilities:
1. Species living area with comfortable study table, long wardrobe.
2. Personal Sit out area.
3. Air conditioning.
4. Bathrooms fully equipped with bath tub shower WC and luxury toiletries.
5. In Room Tea/Coffee Maker.
6. Mini Bar.
7. Iron Board on Request.
8. In Room Sofa

Planning Activities with Us

While staying with us you can involve yourself in many off beat tour activities which do not let you feel morose.

1. The first and foremost opportunity is to watch the wildlife in the ravines of Chambal and enjoy boating in the river. Our experienced boat man and naturalist will guide you all the way during this activity.

2. You can involve yourself in the jeep safari and find a magnificent experience of exploring the Chambal and Yamuna River. Here you can visit a traditional village known as Bhareh. This village stands on the confluence of Yamuna and Chambal river and you have the opportunity to see age old Fort belonging to Sengar Rajput clam.

3. We offer a village safari tour which will be conducted by a professional tour guide. He will show you the village life local judicial system (Panchayat), the cow shelters and the milking process. You also get to see the traditional cooking by firewood etc.

4. For these who are interested in horse riding, we provide an exhilarating experience of horse riding. Our Arjun stud farm will provide you all necessary arrangements for that.

5. You can enjoy Black Buck Safari tour which is very close proximity to our lodge. Here you can have the fun of watching this rare endangered species which is considered very holy by the Bishnoi community of Jodhpur.

6. Indulge yourself in special Sarus Cranes Conservation center at Etawah.

Kunwar Munendra Pal Singh has a strong vision to protect, preserve and propagate forest, wildlife and environment. He wants to develop Tourism in Chambal arena, particularly around the National Chambal Sanctuary and reserve forests therefore he started an Eco Lodge at Arjun Stud Farms, Village - Jarar, Tehsil - Bah, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA to promote eco toruism named as CHAMBAL WILDLIFE SAFARI LODGE.

Mela Ground is a well known farm land situated in Jarar Village. Initially this land was famous for the cattle fair. Since Kunwar Munendra Pal Singh has an interest in natural habitat & conservation of its resources and he is also having a vast experience of Indian Tourist Industry therefore he started this Eco Lodge to promote the eco tourism and conservation of natural habitat. The Eco Lodge is now world famous as CHAMBAL WILDLIFE SAFARI LODGE.

The CHAMBAL WILDLIFE SAFARI LODGE is an attractive property of more than 6 suite rooms. Exotic restaurant, a beautiful garden, organic farm, horse ranch are the main features of this eco lodge.

The CHAMBAL WILDLIFE SAFARI LODGE concentrates on the conservation of natural habitat and also provides the facility of ecotourism. The important characteristics of CHAMBAL WILDLIFE SAFARI LODGE are as follows :

  • Involves travel to natural destinations
  • Minimizes impact
  • Builds environmental awareness
  • Provides direct financial benefits for conservation
  • Provides financial benefits and empowerment for local people
  • Respects local culture
  • Supports human rights and democratic movements
  • Conservation of biological diversity and cultural diversity through ecosystem protection
  • Promotion of sustainable use of biodiversity, by providing jobs to local populations
  • Sharing of all socio-economic benefits with local communities and indigenous peoples by having their informed consent and participation in the management of ecotourism enterprises
  • Promoting Tourism to unspoiled natural resources, with minimal impact on the environment being a primary concern.
  • Local culture, flora and fauna being the main attractions
  • Local people benefit from this form of tourism economically, often more than mass tourism

"The CHAMBAL WILDLIFE SAFARI LODGE is committed to conservation and provide innovative retreat - with the added value of cultural sensitivity, isolation, and, of course, style. Being green has never been so appealing."

Discover the unseen Chambal    

(The itinery duration and time are subject to change due to several factors like season, weather, tourist demands etc.)

Day 1:

Arrival at the Lodge:

We will help you to reach our Eco Lodge from your hotel in Agra. If you have booked or pre registered your itinerary then one of our representative will assist you in reaching to our Eco Lodge.

The CHAMBAL WILDLIFE SAFARI LODGE is fully srrounded by precious flora & fauna of mother nature. Being green has never been so appealing. You can experience the pleasure of green eco lodge with cultural values, warmth of local tribes and exotic river scenary.

Day 2 & 3:

Exciting Journey :

You will get delicious breakfast at second day's morning. We would recommend to have it early to spare your time for lots of other things. You will get a chance to see rare flora and fauna species, which are the resident of our Eco Lodge.
If you want to spend whole morning at our comfortable Lodge then you can stay and enjoy the great atmosphere of our Eco Lodge.
Lunch time would be around at 1:00 PM. You can enjoy local and international cuisine.

You can watch The National Chambal Safari via Nature Walk method. There are several other mode to watch the Sanctuary and nearby area. We can make your journey with your own customized choice. Some of the activities are as follows :

Nature Walk

River Safari

Jeep Safari

Horse Safari

Camel Safari

Village Walk

Bateshwar Visit

Ater Fort Visit

More Attractions
Sarus Crane Conservation

Black Buck Jeep Safari

Bhareh Fort Jeep Safari

BiCycle Ride


Day 4:


We would like to make our Lodge, your second home.

Visitor Activities

There are many nature watching opportunities available for visitors to the National Chambal Sanctuary. The best opportunities for sighting and photography of gharial and dolphins can be had by hiring a boat with a driver and guide. A boat excursion will also offer many viewpoints for photography of water and shore birds and landscapes. Walking trails in the ravines and along the river offer opportunities for close observation of the wide variety of plants and animals in the sanctuary.

Note : We can make customized itinerary as per your schedule. We also offer Same Day Tour to Chambal.


A : Arjun Stud Farms, Village - Jarar,
Tehsil - Bah, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA.
C : +91 - 9536 105 646
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