The legacy continues

The Chambal wildlife safari and its stables were built up as a field camp in the late 1890s by my extraordinary granddad Gyasi Ram Singh Lambardar (Zamindar of Jarar). Settling amidst more than 140 sections of land of forest and field, encompassed by farmland, the Chambal Wildlife was undeniably situated to fill in as a camp office for the family's half-yearly Cattlefair Talent shows, Horse show shops and the income produced were a wellspring of extraordinary pride and esteem for the family.

Arjun Horse Riding Club

The Stud Farm and Arjun Horse Riding Club are carrying the legacy of more than 100 years and counting. This club is working for the improvement of horse breed and creating awareness on Marwari and Kathiyawadi Horse Breed in India. The Stud Farm is spread in 15 Acre of land where more than 200 horses are kept for breeding and riding.


By 2001 the property had fallen into all out decay and was very nearly being denounced. With minimal in excess of a fantasy and the arrival and the vast positive thinking of the rash, I choose to surrender the security of our expert profession (Italian Tour Escort) and come back to jarar. After this Chambal Eco Preservation and Welfare Society was established in February 2014. This society is working on conservation of natural resources. Mr. M. P. Singh is currently serving as Secretary of Chambal Eco Preservation and Welfare Society the society is working on conservation of natural resources. The Society has been able to create awareness about the National Chambal Sanctuary by promoting eco - tourism and environment awareness and conservation programmes in the nearby areas. In 2014 following quite a while of disregard, the Chambal Wild Safari hold up, The Chambal Wild Safari Lodge.
The Lodge is situated inside a 30-section of land estate of the first forest, with numerous old development trees encompass by broad farmland. Huge quantities of indigenous trees and bushes are planted each year to enhance the current development and make a nature hold that is continuously recovering itself, immaculate by human obstruction.