Guest visiting at Chambal valley and staying at Chambal Wildlife Safari Lodge have a chance to witness wilderness in its natural aesthetics and wildlife in its natural habitat. Our team would be at its toes to provide you with the best exposure possible as per your expectation from the tour through activities available. It's our constant endeavour to convert your stay and activities into an experiences to remember.

Boat Safari - Chambal River

The best way to explore wilderness of Chambal valley is by a boat safari. 20 Km from Chambal Wildlife Safari Lodge, Chambal River safari base camp is 25 mins from the lodge. Wildlife - Gharials, dolphins, turtles, indian skimmers, bar headed goose, flamingo, brown hawk owl.
Time period - October to June

Jeep Safari – Sarus Crane conservation area

The sarus crane preservation hold starts a good ways off of around 30 km from the hotel. A far reaching wetland region, blended by developed fields, it is the reproducing ground of the biggest assemblage of sarus cranes in India. Despite the fact that not a secured zone, since 1999 the Supreme Court, perceiving its significance as a living space has assigned the zone a save with limitations on improvement.

The 4-5 hours jeep safari through low-lying wetland regions north of Yamuna, astounding for spotting sarus cranes and other wetland feathered creatures includes some strolling and is suggested for genuine birdwatchers.

Blackbuck Jeep safari

This 3-4 hours jeep safari travels southwest from the cabin, about 30km towards the Chambal gorges , for astounding sightings of blackbuck deer and various dry land feathered creatures including the Indian courser. It is additionally an entrancing excursion through remote villages and villas and residences.

Chambal Wild Life Safari to Ater Fort

Stronghold after, an archeological review of India (ASI) ensured landmark, is an eminent ruin situated on the outskirts of the national Chambal haven. When an esteemed fortress, this overwhelming fortification has been both dynamic member of, and quiet observer to, the cheered and oft savage history of the Chambal valley.

The rambling remnants bring alive the sentimental brilliance of a past age, and the bulwarks bear the cost of some amazing perspectives on the Chambal valley.

Post ater is 2 km from the Chambal Wild life safari stop base camp, on the contrary bank. Subsequent to intersection the waterway by pontoon, you may decide to ride a camel or a neighborhood jeep. It is additionally conceivable to approach the post. The passage for the NCS is 22 km from the cabin, 30+minutes' drive.

Bateshwar Temples Excursion

The old settlement of Bateshwar is arranged on a sickle curve of the stream Yamuna. In excess of 40 sanctuaries devoted to the wonder if shiva sparkle magnificent white along the Ghats of the waterway. The sanctuaries are a fascinating half and half of styles with Ghats and walkways along the riverfront. The aarti in the principle sanctuary, and the maha aarti during the yearly reasonable, is a celestial scene resounding with the sights and hints of a deep rooted convention that guests may appreciate with the loyal inside the sanctuaries, on the ghats, or on pontoons confronting the sanctuaries. Toward the beginning of November, the open zones around the sanctuary complex play host to a yearly creature reasonable, the birthplaces of which stretch into vestige. The reasonable, the second biggest such reasonable in India (sonepur in Bihar being the biggest) concurs with the most promising period for imploring at Bateshwar and is a significant installation for holy people, sadhus, tradesmen and locals.
We arrange accompanied strolls and pontoon rides talking in the Ghats, sanctuaries Maha-Aarti and markets at Bateshwar, just as exceptional outings over the span of the yearly reasonable. Bateswar is 12 km from the cabin, 15+minutes' drive.

Bateshwar Fair

It is the second largest animal fair in the country. Chambal Wildlife Safari Lodge offers guided tours during the animal fair to its in-house guests

Bateshwar Fair Dates

2019 Fair Dates:

Animal Fair - 24th October - 30th October Religious Fair - 8th November - 15th November
Diwali - 27th October; Poornima - 12th November

2020 Fair Dates:

Animal Fair - 11th November - 17th November Religious Fair - 26th November - 3rd December
Diwali - 14th November; Poornima - 30th November

2021 Fair Dates:

Animal Fair - 1st November - 7th November Religious Fair - 16th November - 23rd November
Diwali - 4th November; Poornima - 20th November

2022 Fair Dates:

Animal Fair - 21st October - 28th October Religious Fair - 5th November - 12th November
Diwali - 24th October; Poornima - 9th November

Holipura heritage walk

Holipura town, situated at the edge of the Yamuna gorges close bateshwar, is a fortress of the chaturvedi tribe who guarantee plunge from alexander's Greek armed force. Huge numbers of the faction rose to places of incredible unmistakable quality, and manufactured significant havelis (amazing homes). With impacts running from Mughal to frontier and adjusted to a country situation, the havelis have one of a kind design mix and are delightful union of heap customs. The town is a microcosm of the country Indian existence with the harmonious connections of the occupants reflected in its format. The intuitive stroll through holipura is led by an individual from the town network, finishing in refreshments at his home. Holipura is 8 km from the cabin, 15m minutes' drive.

Bicycle Highway

The 2017 km long bike parkway, initiated in November 2016, is an imaginative the travel industry and social effort venture, associating 92 remote towns while offering a substitute methods for guests to get to and find the open country. Beginning from behind the Taj Mahal, circling past little-know landmarks and villages including Holipura, Bateswar, Chambal Sanctuary, the roadway comes full circle at the lion safari venture in Etawah. The frontage road to the cabin is in certainty a piece of the bike expressway. We compose uncommon multi day occasions for expert and ages. Bikes are accessible at the cabin for those wishing to investigate around the hotel and further abroad.


Bhareh is situated at the conversion of the Chambal and Yamuna streams. The awesome drive through a wild, restricting and undulating scene cuts over the gorges of the two waterways, diving deep into one of the remotest, most immaculate corners of the Indian heartland. The street runs along, or has been based on, one of the incredible indiscretions of the British income division – the extraordinary fence read roy maxham's book of a similar name. A 1500 Mile long physical boundary of prickly shrubs and trees, stumbling into the nation from assault to Orrissa to control the pirating of salt!

The conversion is ruled by the fight scarred remnants of the stronghold of Bhareh, impacted by english gun in 1858, and forcing shiva sanctuary that, gives amazing perspectives on the intersection and the encompassing open country.

Bhareh is 19 km from the lodging, 2+hous drive. This is a 6-7 hour venture with squeezed lunch.Conservation and Eco-Friendly Practices: We attempt various protection and mindfulness battles just as supporting and planning with various schools, associations and organizations. If you don't mind visit our site at www.chambalwildlifesafari.com or address one of us for additional subtleties.